Twitter Down and FaceBook Acting Up Too – August 6th, 2009

Meh, everybody else was blogging about it, so I figured I would too 😛

You mean Twitter AND FaceBook?!?! The Social Web Weeps!

It seems that Twitter is currently down – Not only that, but the reason for the popular social site going offline is because of an ongoing DDoS attack, which has been confirmed by the Twitter staff on their blog…What is a Denial of Service attack you ask? Ask wiki🙂 – but yea, it can get pretty nasty.

Damn Shame. I was trying to get my tweet on when it happened.

As you know, when Twitter ain’t behaving, most go over to Facebook to hang out for a little while…but guess what, Facebook has been suffering too. It’s probably due to all that Twitter traffic redirecting there…

Even More Sites Having Issues With DDoS Attacks

UPDATE: As the news developed, it seems that numerous sites were hit by a DoS and not just twitter – Facebook has reported that their problems also stemmed from a DDoS attack, as well as LiveJournal, which confirmed they too were in an ongoing battle.

Per some quick fingered wikipedia editor:On August 6th, 2009 several social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal, and Google blogging pages were hit by DDoS attacks. Although Google came through with only minor set-backs, these attacks left Twitter crippled for hours and Facebook did eventually restore service although some users still experienced trouble.”

So this begs the question: Just who is trying to cripple the social net…and WHY? Some believe it’s from across seas – some pointing to Iran (see priors) and some pointing to the current Russia/Georgia conflict – and a few other theories.

Honestly, DDoS attacks are EXTREMELY common, and can be done by damn near anyone – what I find a little scary about this one is the size and scope of it – think about it – Twitter was hit the hardest. Some use Twitter as the core or an integral aspect of their businesses these days, as well as Facebook. What happens to a twitter dependent business…when there is no Twitter?

UDATE 2: Twitter adds some words to the situation here on their Twitter blog

CNet says that it might just well be connected to the Russia/Georgia thing mentioned above in a news post – Supposedly, this could have possibly all been done to target one person…

Anyway, the speculation continues – as usual, here are some links for ya if you just don’t wanna take my word for it:)

Twitter’s Blog about What’s Happening

Check out Mashable, they got all this covered, especially my nigga Pete, he (was) all over this one – Ben and Adam had the last words

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