Woman Sued Over a Tweet

Horizon Group v. Bonnen

Horizon Group v. Bonnen was a libel suit brought by Horizon Realty Group, a Chicago real estate management company, against one of its former tenants, Amanda Bonnen, in Cook County Circuit Court. This case has received extensive publicity and touches on issues such as consumer protection, limits of libel, free speech, and strategic lawsuits against public participation.

Seems some chick in Chicago tweeted a semi negative review about the apartment she was staying in…and the realty company that owns said building is trying to sue her…for $50,000!!!!!

And you know the greatest part? A quote from the realty company: “We’re a sue first, ask questions later kind of an organization”

I think that deserves a very hearty and heartfelt What The Fuck?!?!?!?

I hope this company loses all clients, share, customers etc behind this idiotic shit. I’m pretty sure that they are causing themselves much more than 50k worth of damage with this ill advised lawsuit…that’s probably gonna get thrown out by the judge…if there’s any justice in the country…

…well…anyway, if there is any fairness in our…wait…nevermind – I’ll just think good thoughts and hope for the best for this woman.

The Original Tweet:


RT @abonnen – Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s okay.

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