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This is a audio blog post – partial transcription below

It’s ya boy Silence, silenciobarnes whatever whatever

September 9th 2008 – 9:30 pm

Da usual – bored, broke and sober


Went to New York over the weekend

Saw my peoples

Got reminded of exactly where it was I came from

You know


Dreams disappearing,

fiends just appearing out of thin white smoke And they need what you giving but you need what they giving

Hamiltons, Jacksons, Grants, Franklins thank for the business

12 and thirteen  –

young adult girls but they think they grown women And they shaped like grown women –

Desire turn to sex, sex turns to life and the babies having babies and they think they have feelings

For a nigga that think he a killa, Think he a grown ass man and he think he a dealer

but really he just trapped in a river, Called life where he born in a place that traps him forever Cause he can’t see past what he isn’t

Then ends life trapped in a prison maybe not the kind with the bars but he still can’t forget that he feels life HAS to forgive him

But that’s the same dude I grew up with I have to forgive him cause I came from the same type of vision

The same life the same hopes the same passion same cryogenics, frozen having sex with the same kind of mistress

We call her death she bears witness to this crazed type of living

May life bless and raise our children – cause it seems that we can’t really raise our own limits

We Can’t fly

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  1. Audio Comment: Audio Comment
    your sound quality is awesome! Whatcha recording with? I like ya freestyle! nice! WE CAN FLY! GLAD YOU KNOW! 🙂 And that 1 in a billion, if they don't keep up the work they won't be flyin for long!

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