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I'm always looking for ideas and inspiration
I’m always looking for ideas and inspiration

A couple of days ago I tweeted a seemingly asinine request for ideas for blog posts. Well, I got quite a few of them and I think I’m gonna actually use them…all of them. Not immediately, but more as challenges to myself to see what I can come up with given the subject, or for when I’m bored or in need of inspiration. Might be a general blog post, informational, a piece of poetry, or something else. I don’t know yet.

But here are the ideas, in no particular order, that were sent to me:

  • The similarities/necessity of and for peace, love, and machetes
  • Wendy’s food
  • Music
  • How great Amber LaRae is
  • Orange
  • Ivy
  • Legalize it
  • Howard Dean
  • A Sinical Christmas
  • The band BlakGraz
  • Health Care
  • Abortion
  • The Avatar Movie
  • Fat asses
  • Top Ten Sexual Positions

If you have any ideas for me, leave it in the comments here or elsewhere and I’ll add it to the list. If and when I write the post, I’ll link to whoever the person was that gave me the request. Also, you can use these ideas to spring-board something yourself! If you do, please don’t hesitate to leave a link here.

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