Serpent’s Tongue

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Serpent’s Tongue by SilencioBarnes

A writing exercise for abcedarians – I like the story I told with the form 🙂 To read the actual poem and see the structure go here: – you will also find more info, the video and some other downloads there.

Serpent’s Tongue

Apple of eyes, fruit of the womb
Beneath petalum lashes
Color consumes

Declaration of absence from
Earth’s metal tomb
Forgotten, a past that is
Gone all too soon

Hell is predicted one dark afternoon
Inhaled by the victim
Justified by the tension then
Killed by the witness
Legalized and consumed

Made into a prison that spells out our doom
Named “He is Risen” we followed like fools

Opened the sepulcher
Pandora entombed by her own curiosity
Questioned by whom
Rescinded by one yet accepted by two
Said man and said woman

The serpent’s dark croon

Unlimited knowledge it sang was our due
Venom so sweet that it sang to our souls
Water and dirt sprang forth man, it was so
Xenophobe made them alike to himself
Yet left them with naught in their brains but their souls
Zenith of innocence lost to us all

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Serpent’s Tongue Remix

Here’s a version of Serpent’s Tongue that a friend of mines set to music. I plan to use it, and other tracks, in a project called SilentFilm.

Serpent's Tongue

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Serpent’s Tongue is a poem that proves I know my ABC’s…seriously 🙂 You can find out more about it here:

Posted by SilencioBarnes on Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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