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This is a audio blog post – transcription below –

This is an audio blog. SilencioBarnes – Pretty much just…bored.
Sunday, August 31 2008 – 14:41
Most of y’all would still consider this Saturday night, but…yea…I don’t know 🙂

Silenciobarnes, more bored than a wood carver’s barn
Heineken and tobacco but he wish he had traum
Late night steady wishing for the following morn
Steady living but he wish he had more –
I’m kinda horny too, daydreams of fucking you raw
I’ll assume that you know who you are
About to go to the store
Red Bull or a Monster of course
I’m a need it when I stay up till dawn
My arteries clogged my lungs in a fog
I’m a mess, need a straight jacket hand cuffs and muzzle just to silence the god
– This is Silence the God
And the boredom so thick you can cut it like a blade through the heart
True story I feel desperate and loss
I went to the bar with a twenty dollar bill for a drink and a talk
Just to chill, but I feel strange in these parts and unwelcome
Like a ghost in a house or a drunk in a park
All I need is some weed and a chick with a car
And a ass and a brain and original thoughts
Come and braid my hair or lets take us a walk
Or tell me about your life and the battles you fought
I’m sicker than a necrophile raping a corpse
Yet sweeter than the love that you lost
Bitter like the taste of a love that is forced
Or the feel of a lovers remorse
I get’s blunted of course
And can deal with both sides of the force
I can build with the best but my paper is short
So I’m a build me a nest and pray to I for support
Glory be as I travel my course, now let’s get it

SilencioBarnes – I wanna shout out all my social networking friends and those of you that support me and let me know that you feeling the kid. I appreciate the love.
To all my haters, if any of you exist, continue doing what you doing.
To all of you that don’t like me or got some sort of problem with me, for whatever reason…fuck you, eat a dick.

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