Plaintive Waters


Plaintive Waters

Test the waters
The surface breaks
Ripples are the daughters
Of the stone as it sinks
Into the river

Reflections of vain beauty
Narcissus shivers
In the presence
Of detection of his sins
Making of him Man the Lesser

Manic depressive
To drown sinking stone
Return to the essence

Aphrodite born from the waves
Every mans mistress
Chasing her until the grave

Divination of the question
That is whispered to the air
And to the gods
There is no answer
And to man there is no reason

So he closes up his mind
And in his rhyme can be glimpsed
The query and the mystery
Of his lies to himself

Narcissus stares at a still pool
I am beautiful
Echoes through
The earths crusted womb

I am better
I am all the grace of symmetry
Set divinely in a face
Worth gazing at until
I turn to dust
When I decay

And it echoed through
The dust of which
All common man is made

And it echoed and it echoes
Until the silence takes its place

Suicidal stone being watched
As it sinks from the corner of
His eye as his vision slowly dies

There was a vision of the sky
As waves of sound traveled by
Through the cavern of his thought
With tantalizing throaty cries

I am beautiful
Waved the flower
I am all the grace of symmetry
Set divinely petaled face

Love me love me not
The maiden plucked
And beauty breaks

In the distance
Rippled daughters
Languid sighs
Bemoaning fathers fate

Symmetry set divinely
Floating circles in its wake
As it faded slowly
From her vision
With dying breath
The stone sank

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