Just a Reminder That I Still Exist

This is a copy of a mass subscriber email I sent out some time ago.

SB Newsletter 01: Just a Reminder That I Still Exist


Hip Hop / Spoken Word / Experimental

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I never send any of these bulk emails, mainly because I don’t have anything to sell. But somebody reminded me that even without trying to make some money, I should still keep in contact with the folks that choose to be fans of what I do.

I love all of y’all. Thanks for checking me out and liking me enough to want to hear more from me. I’m damn near 30 and that still warms my heart.

So, I just wanted y’all to know, I’m very active on twitter and Facebook, and you can feel free to come “like” me.



I also have a website which has a little something on there for everybody. All of my music, poetry and videos are there, and a lot of other things as well. Feel free to come take a look. Everything on there is freely available from my tracks, to my poetry chapbook, and all of my recordings. Feel free to use whatever ya want.


That’s pretty much it, just wanted to remind you all that I’m still here and still concocting creative cocktails. Any questions? Ideas, collab requests (of any sort) then feel free to drop me a line – either through my site, on twitter, or on Facebook. I’ll get back to ya

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