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The old man muttered
Seen it all before –
Vicious vicissitudes – envision youth
Searching for something worthy to weep for

The old man muttered
The children laughed –
The crimson splash gone in a flash
A throwback to now ancient past

The old man muttered
Knowing memory is a lie
A puzzle, pieces ill-kept
Ill-fitting, yet still a useful scry

The old man muttered
For he knew what we would know
For he shared that sacred knowledge
With all things that need to grow

The old man muttered
Nonsense from a distance
Go closer then, and closer still
No audience to witness

The old man muttered
Songs, and life, and bitter truth
But words are wasted, mistaken and misplaced
When they are muttered to the youth

But still, the old man mutters on
For he is living proof

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