Sundial in Sand


Time is you and me holding hands,

to the point where I cannot begin to understand

where you end and I begin.


Time is your eyes gazing into mines,

as if blind to the world

we’re trying to find each other’s light.


Time is that brief second it takes

for you to walk past me and not notice,

to harass me not knowing

that each touch is like

Heaven trapped in that motion.


Time is eternal.

Heat like a passionate lust

that grows into something

only felt by us.


Time is vast like your heart,

and warm like your soul.

It tastes like your lips,

and feels like your hold.


Time is quiet like us,

and wild like the sea.

It transforms us both

until me and you becomes we.

Until we becomes I,

like we’re one entity.

Until I becomes love,

and love becomes you.

Until time becomes nothing,

and the sun becomes cool.


Time is the fire

that runs through the Earth.

let me live in your flames,

be reborn with your birth.

When the demon of your curse

tortures your heart,

You will find me there waiting

with the light in your dark.


Time is your face,

the image burned in my mind.

So each night when I sleep,

Your smile helps me unwind.


Time is forever

like souls without flesh.

When our physicals are dust

there’s still you and me left.

Sharing our breath, denying our death,

connected like sex from this life to the next.

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