Broken Melody


Broken Melody

Emotion painted
Upon canvas of
Shivering flesh
A blind artist’s gift

Another holds the hands
Slightly shaking
Sweat drenched grip
Of the one that holds the self

Bitter heart weeps
Cries for the masterpiece
That hangs within flesh
Like anchored soul

Lost light lies
Telling false truths
Prelude to darkness
Life’s epilogue

And anger swells
As anger oft does
As she holds me
Without knowing

Without knowing
Of small particles
That create all that is
And all that was

All emotion
Trapped within
Without they ripple
Upon her skin

We love on levels hidden
You and I silently
Watched by those
With blinded hearts

But eyes can never see
As the cruel can never touch
As she can never touch
What lies within me

What lies within me is void
Of dark that is void of song
Sunless fields
Where nightshade blossoms

Is unchained heart yearning
So strong she feels palpably
So weak in her eyes
That it is barely visible

Tempting a target for temptation
Empty of thought we move
Consciously avoiding thinking
In the end we love

As if in one second
All will be lost


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