Dying Stream


Dying Stream

Why cry when rivers feed oceans
Tears can cause movement but connections cause motions
From time out of mind a flow written then spoken
The words given freedom till the concept is broken

We gain so much nothing but lose the whole notion
Of knowing what’s real and what’s strictly emotion
Of knowing what’s fact and what’s strictly promotion
Of knowing which track or which path; where we’re going

Proper grammar for propaganda, beyond that they kill
But before that they dampen you’re ability to feel
They teach sheep how to construct their very own shields
That they use in their ignorance to reject and repel

This prevents them from learning to channel their will
Through the pen, through the sword on the side of what’s real
The lifestream is dying, they destroy and rebuild
But their constructs are shoddy yet made with such skill

How else could their words create something so ill
How else could they brainwash your colors to nil
Or whitewash your dreams and your life up until
You start to believe that you‘re really fulfilled?

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