Come by SilencioBarnes

Come – The title is a metaphor…for many different things. You can read the poem and alternatively download it from here:


Eternal the seconds, spent like loose change
Awaiting your presence, counting the days
Days that exist only to wait on your grace
My woman of taste, of scandalous ways

Wave after wave, undulating, your shape
Water that walks on my surface, I drink
Sate myself on the flesh that lies ‘neath your waist
Of your eyes do I think that your gaze sharpens stakes

You thrust to my rhythm, I thrust and we shake
We lust with our hearts, we dance there in place
Our melody plays, to this song we embrace
You sing a harsh tune, I say nothing, we link

Like chain and like fence and like amorous snakes
We slide skin on skin, the thing that we make
Is like oil that sprays and we are the flame
We ignite and we burn like a heretic’s shame

Oh lady
Oh woman
Please come unto me

Let eyes
Meet with eyes
Let our thighs meet between

Sheets that are damp
With a mixture of things

Our sweat and my seed
And your heavenly cream

Oh lady
Oh woman
Oh heavenly being

Shine on your servant
Please come unto me

I wait in the darkness
I’m blinded by need

Come unto me
Come unto me

I sing…

ver 1.5


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