And If You Should Walk

And If You Should Walk

And if you should walk
The walk of kings
Through courts of sea mist
Through halls of knights

And if you should talk
As rolling tongued royal
To the highest of highs
Though slave you may be

And if you should speak
To the lowest form
And shun he who holds
The throne

Than sir I say
Or madam
You are truly of the blessed
Gifted beyond genius
I am humbled in your midst

And if you can please
The majority
Yet make the minorities smile
If you feel your inferiority
In the presence of a child
But feel as god when amongst
The beasts that are scattered in this wild
Land of opportunities
Where monsters dress in style

Then you my friend are amongst the best
The pure untainted wish of god made flesh

You my friend are never less
Never more than perfect

Oh yes you may have flaws
But you are a giant amongst the small

And if you can love without being loved
And regret not one moment of life

Then you my friend
Are truly like The moon that lights the night
The center stage, dramatic wave
The hand that points the sight
The move from wrong to right

The catalyst that brings the change

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  1. O that we could all be like this…what a different world we would see…
    a excellent write my friend

  2. O that we could all be like this…what a different world we would see…a excellent write my friendBarbara

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