Phoenix I

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Phoenix I

Fastest the horse of time
That races nose to nose with I
The first to cross that finish line
Pre ordained

I re define

Myself to host my dream’s desires
I quote my hopes from childish rhymes

“I wish I may I wish I might”
I said that night beneath your skies

Dissolved into my base components
Sub atomic parts’ divulgence
We are all the same

But motion causes things to change

I wither on this page of rage
Passive though it may be
I quiver from the strangest things
Like your aura passing me

Within this brick and mortar maze
Of lives lived tragically
Salvation graced my inner gaze
She sassed me frankly stole my aim

And asked succinctly
“Who’s to blame?”
“Not I” said I
To my own shame

It’s vision summarily blurred
My future died years ago
My past has passed away and now
My ego lives in word

My id has underlined my brain
And crossed my t’s and dotted i’s
Teacher to my heart and pain

It instructs my nerves to conduct my frame
To power legs to walk pass cries
Of help and hurt and all that’s sane
Or considered such by those that lie

I think of self leave all behind

This is my day and age
For me to live my life
Selfish you may say
But I have quite too often tried
To do the things your way
So today I die reborn in flames

Phoenix I

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