Gutter Child

Gutter Child

She was lost, beautiful gutter child
Life for her was killing time
Remorseless eyes shimmered
With missing tears, as Chronos died

What’s left after? Nothing
Can come from nothing
Youthful forever melts
Into an adult’s dying laughter

She grew quickly, for no one can deny
The streets’ aging factor

She lived fast a slow death
Knowing that our lives are slow torture
Your dying screams
Are your life giving breath

I admired her strength
She never questioned “why” to the unseen
We purposefully never tried to find the lost tears
But still, we surreptitiously peeked

Into dark shadows as we walked by. A hope of a hope
Searching for that small pinpoint of light

Our minds spoke through the thick haze of smoke
So we could both say it was the high talking
Our mother was hard, our father was cold
Yet we embraced them both

The solid concrete womb that we stepped
Ran jumped and played on as kids
And grandmother Black Maria
As she crept quietly to strangle the day

Guess that makes us demigods huh
Like everything else with us, never whole

We love but never loved
You were married to this life
And could never take another
As are we all

And I still make love
To beautiful Black Maria
When she spreads her surface
Over my sky like a sheet

Incestuous adultery
But we all do it

I heard they took you away
I can’t lie and say that since
My skies have been overcast gray
I have loved and been loved

I have thigh searched
And never returned love
Untamed emotions rule over us
Slave to the inner

But the outer stays cool
You know, gotta look the part

We spoke, but it was empty of the heart
That we both show to the enemy
Once you told me that when you look into the mirror
You see the face of enmity

Where you once saw infinity
Trapped in the dreamy frames
Of eyes belonging to a
Pretty young thing in her late teens

But even then you knew, beautiful gutter child
We always swore that together we would walk the miles

But now you’re gone
A different kind of lost

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