Writing About the Ocean

Recently, I’ve been trying to write poetry about the ocean for possible submission to Ocean Magazine.


This is significant for several reasons.

  1. I haven’t been writing poetry consistently for a good long while now, it’s hard to get back into that deliberate mindset
  2. I haven’t tried to write poetry specifically for publication in years – it’s a different process…
  3. I am using several different methods for trying to write these poems, some of which are very new to me

I’ve also been writing a bunch of haiku as well…but that’s something different 🙂

I’ve never really thought about the ocean before. I mean…not poetically. I don’t swim (can’t) and I never really spent a lot of time at the beach or on a boat. But I do appreciate the ocean as an entity. A giver and sustainer of life.

With that being said, I wanted to come from a unique angle and I’ve had a few ideas. For instance: I noticed that when I moved to PA, something was missing. I didn’t know what it was, but I realized when I took a trip back to my hometown (Amityville NY on Long Island) that what was missing, was the presence of the ocean. I never noticed nor payed attention to the vibe you get by being close to the ocean, after all, I was born and raised close to it. Nope, didn’t notice it…until it was no longer there to feel.

I think I found something to explore in that. I recorded some audio of me talking about the experience. I’m going to use that to craft a poem or two (that was one of the new methods I’m trying :).

I’ve also had a few other ideas and have already written a few poems that I’m letting incubate…and I’m actually kind of sad that I can’t share the work with you all 🙁 I want to, but many places consider online publication (even on a personal website) to be a relinquishing of first time rights (which is what most publications buy) and sometimes, electronic rights too.

But we can talk about the ocean! And if anybody would want to share some words here in the comments – or on facebook or twitter – on the subject, then feel free.

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just like the setting sun is returned to the ocean. amazing on black.


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