Seeking Something Greater

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Peeking around corners, looking through old things
Knowing that something better, greater, is there and it’s meant to be found
Finding not what one is looking for, but what has always been there
Hidden and waiting for the right set of senses to sense

Going here and going there, looking for new things
Thinking the new will bring that old thing back
Knowing that something better, greater, is out there
Waiting to be found, patiently

Thinking those thoughts, examining the inside
Hoping that within may be found that…something
That clue or key or epiphany that leads to something greater
That something better that is just outside of reach

But in the end, finding oneself and realizing
That all the looking in the world
Would not have found the convalescent comfort
The completeness that is yourself

Why seek something greater?
You are life and soul and magic
Believe in something better
Believe in yourself



Seeking Something Greater

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