Imagine All The People

Seriously. Let us imagine, for just a minute, that we were a species. A race. The human race

Let us imagine that with this recognition, we are no longer other things

No longer colors, and no longer preferences or sexual orientations

No longer this club or that activity. This party or that affiliation

Yes. Let us pretend that we are all people. One race. The human race

Well, what do you suppose would be possible then?

Imagine if we pooled our collective knowledge. Scientists, theorists, creators and artists all across the world

Sharing information and ideas

What do you think we could accomplish?

What if large corporations and military interests did not buy up all of our greatest minds

And turn them to greed and destruction

What if we Let their knowledge and observations run free

What could we build? Together as one race? The human race

Do you believe that we have the resources and technologies to feed the world

Yes, the world

Do you believe that we could provide cures for diseases that have been killing us off for decades

Or that all of the factors that create a large volume of crime and violence can be completely eliminated

By eliminating their root causes – hunger, poverty, lack of education etc

The truth is, we can do all of that. Right now, this day

It’s possible – don’t believe that it isn’t

I believe in unity

I truly believe that we cannot move forward in any significant way as a people

Unless we start to see ourselves as one people

We can be individuals, we can have groups

But we can be individuals that work together

Groups that form only for the greater good of all

Things could be so different, for everyone




One person can do much, but when U-n-I verse…

All things become possible

Think about it

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