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As if I didn’t have enough to do, I wanted to also give myself an extra challenge.  Nothing crazy, just a track a day. I wanted to make one new track a day, everyday for a month. However, after looking at my time constraints, I turned it into 1 new track every other day. It starts today and a track is due tomorrow.

I invited people to join me on this, cuz stuff like this sucks when you do it alone. And the invitation is still open.

From my Twitter:

@SilencioBarnes SilencioBarnes
I need a productive challenge, but I don’t wanna do it alone – who wants to go track for track – one new song a day for a month? – 2 Oct
@SilencioBarnes SilencioBarnes
So nobody was down to do the song a day challenge with me 🙁 Guess I’ll do it alone. Might just be a quick 16 but every day, something new – 12 Oct

Two people said they will do this with me so far, and I will link them daily as long as they keep doing it. Each time I make a new post for each new track, I’ll link theirs too. If you wanna join in, then feel free! Leave a comment here to let me know or drop me a message on twitter or facebook or something.


A track every other day. By track I mean pretty much anything. It doesn’t have to be a full song, it doesn’t have to be any particular genre, could just be some experimental stuff. Just record something, whether it be studio or on your phone.

You must put it online some sort of way. Doesn’t matter how. Just so long as it can be linked to and heard.

That’s it…sooooo…Who’s With Me?!?!?!?


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