Idea For A New Twitter App

The Original Posts:

“wondering if anybody thinks it’s feasible to prune their tweets or to re-post older tweets that new followers probably never seen?” posted by @SilencioBarnes

“Re @SilencioBarnes statuses/3173520788 – IMO better idea is to write spider that uses API to harvest *all* your tweets, buildIntoDB, cluster” posted by @CalRobert

I think the idea of using a spider to harvest an individual person’s tweets is excellent – maybe such a thing could be implemented in conjunction with the Twitter API to build an application that can be used to harvest your tweets, search and edit them, delete and/or repost them in real time. I think that would be a great idea, especially for content producers or businesses that wanna keep their ideas real fresh for their followers.

If I had any coding ability/knowledge whatsoever, I’d get started on the possibilities :)) and if I had any cash, I’d hire a freelancer – alas, I have neither – but there’s the idea, floating in cyberspace – maybe someone will tell me if such a thing is within the realm of possibility – it sounds (to my ignorant understanding of the processes involved) like something that could be relatively easy to get started on.

Is someone already working on such a thing? If not, someone should. And if they do, put me on! If this idea inspires someone to create, can I get a shout out at least? :))


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