In the post afternoon
Twilight I saw her

Just as night dropped
Upon the atmosphere

Like the wings of the
Universe folding in on itself

Cloaking the empty streets
In tempered darkness

Empty but for she
Filling in all my blanks

Angel of night dark seraph
Street lights framing her
With a pale yellow halo
Assuredly a divine nimbus

We both inhaled
She/The thick Newport smoke
And I/Her

Slowly it unfolded
This opera complete
With music playing
Jazz like in my head

Her motion like snake
Her stride like a wave
Crashing upon the
Beach of my subconscious

Sweet like memory
When love is the treat
Shared between sheets of lust

Tigress watching from
Depths of cement jungle
Scaled eyes slowly weighing

What she found wanting
I could not say

Trapped by her stare
Thinking me prey
But I am the lion
That strikes with

Smooth words to match
Her smooth skin
To compliment
Smooth movements
That can only lead
To rough thoughts

The key was the words
The treasure unlocked
Is our freedom to explore
Without tangible reason

She lightly brushes
My lips with hers

Too many oft said phrases
Cannot describe

Then she turns her back to me
And slowly slowly slowly
She disrobes the night

I see the sun

We touch flesh to flesh
I/Sand paper

Broken bottle goddess
Cutting into my being

Was it a dream
Or was it you

Under those naked street lights


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