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How to die, the radicals teach us.
How to Die, the Radicals Teach Us.


Believing in but never seeing
The Heathen, a lesser demon
It’s scheming on my soul
It’s infrequent but never leaving

Ether bleeding out of my pores
My spirit leaking
Soaked into the Earths rotted core
A saddened creature

A battered preacher
How to die, the radicals teach us
Students teaching the teachers
And they dying to reach us

Why is it that we shackle ourselves
Then cry for freedom
Metaphorically speaking
Our hearts are terminally weakened

Infirmaries are full of the lives we have forsaken
Mating with injustice and giving birth to complacence
Strangle life choke off our health, the end is nascent
Worshiped like a calf that is gleaming with gold plating

We clothe ourselves with spurious truth
Yet we lie naked
Corporations feed off the blood
Of dying nations

The seat of Christ is vacant
Siddhartha said time is wasting
The sound of one hand clapping
Is God getting smacked for faking

Jesus told me
“Son calm down, you’re talking dangerous”
I killed myself
So I could come back as Buddha’s patience

This world’s a patient
In Gods House Of Sick Creations
Prescripted with a dose of common sense
That we ain’t taking

Instead we medicated on war
And common hatreds
The politicians gore us with words
And pretty phrases

But really they just corporate whores
With pretty faces
Money is the root and the plant
Is grown in acres

Cultivated dug up and eaten by militainment

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