General Updates 11/05/2010

This post is for those of you that wonder what has been going on with me 🙂 If you are wondering why there hasn’t been any new blog posts for a while, or why I suddenly stopped in the middle of my Track Every-Other-Day challenge, or why I haven’t mentioned NaNoWriMo…well, here are some answers.

I went through a series of downward spirals. My car broke down beyond repair and had to go in for some fixin. However, my computer’s hard drive crashed that very same day, leaving me in what one might call…a funk.

After days of troubleshooting my pc issue, I came to the bleak realization that I had to do a fresh install of Windows on another hard drive. Luckily for me (and possibly for you) all of my files on the dead hard drive were still accessible, I just could not boot into Windows (probably one of those boot sector viruses). This presented me with a problem. I had two unused hard drives. One, a 500 gig and the other a 40 gig that I used to use to play bootleg PS2 games. Of course I was gonna use the 500 gig…but…I couldn’t find my one and only SATA cord, so I have to use the smaller one until my cord comes in the mail (along with my new pop filter and my copy of Towers of Midnight 🙂

Once I got the smaller hard drive up and running, I thought I was back in the game…but I was wrong. For some reason, my MS Office will not install and some of my music programs refuse to install as well. I have been at it for days to no avail. I want to just get a new PC but after the car repairs, I’m left at 0, which gives me another issue. I’m broke!

In light of my empty pockets, I figured it was time to do some things to make some money until my next paycheck (future dated 11/12/10) – I got writing assignments and some other things to work on. Without my Office I’ve been unable to do any writing (I’m gonna just get Open Office or use Google Docs until I get my larger hard drive up) and the other things I’ve been doing are occupying all the space of the smaller hard drive, so no recording.

Because of all of this, I absolutely did not notice it was time for NaNoWriMo. Although I plan to participate, I already know I will not complete it…like last year 🙁 But I’m still gonna start writing, I got a nice little idea and everything. However, I cannot start until I am done with my paid writing work.

As for the Track Challenge, well, I plan to catch up. Which means when I’m finally able to record again, I’m gonna lay down a shit load of tracks and try to release them once a day until the numbers catch up to the days. That’s the plan, don’t know if I’ll succeed, but I can’t give it up. There is a reason why I did the Challenge; there is a method to my madness 🙂

Site Updates:

  • I added some info to the top of the Poetry Category – it’s for the people that come to my site looking only for my poetry – I also added a link to the feed so you can Subscribe to the Poetry Feed and see only the updates in the poetry category and nothing else.
  • Speaking of poetry, my Sentiments of the Cerebral chapbook is still being downloaded although the numbers have slowed down. I recently read a few poems from it at a poetry reading and got a good response. The guy that runs the reading asked for a few copies so he could sell them at a bigger event 🙂
  • I gave the Audio Blog Category the same treatment with a link to Subscribe to the Audio Blog Feed
  • I updated my static music page with some info about my music for those that wonder about it. I also added a static page for just my acappellas.

The Future:

  • I need to get back to blogging about things I enjoy, like the movies I’ve seen or the shows I’m watching or books I’ve gone through. I’m gonna try to get back to that soon.
  • I am definitely going to finish my track challenge so expect a bombardment of tracks to come pretty soon.
  • I haven’t been working on the second chapbook, but I have notes for it on my whiteboard, I didn’t forget. I’m gonna try to have it ready for your perusal before this year ends.
  • It looks like some things might be happening for me as far as poetry goes, out here in the real world. I don’t wanna say much till I’m sure, but I’ll keep ya posted.
  • I want to start an audio or video feature with me just answering people’s random questions. Like an advice thing, ya know.
  • After I get through my catalog of things to do, I’ll be taking some time to start my novels 🙂 More on that later.

Things are looking slightly up now that I have my car back and my PC semi-running. The future is looking a little brighter, so expect a lot more to come in the near future! As soon as I get my PC situation together I’m gonna be bringing all types of goodies to this here blog/site – just be patient with me.

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