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So, I was getting ready to try recording some new rap music for the first time in like…half a year. Just wanted to do a quick track to see how it sounds in this new room…but then it dawned on me that I never posted the last coupla tracks I did several months ago.

So I figured I’d post those first before testing my equipment. This first one is called “Been Spittin” and the next one, which I will put into a separate post, is called “Child of Kings” – Both of these tracks have been in my reverbnation playlist, but as they are content, they belong here as well. I believe I used them both for my short lived Track Challenge, may it rest in peace. So this represent both the Track Challenge tracks and the Practice Words Mixtape.


Been Spittin – Produced by Big B on SoundCloud

This is another track that belongs in the Big B Presents category. I believe he wanted to do something with the Saw theme and didn’t realize at the time that everybody and they mama had already sampled the hell out of it. He went on to make the beat anyway, and I, of course, rhymed over it.

I’ll come back and add lyrics or more info if I should find the time and the gumption, or if anybody should request em.


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