My Plan for the New Year 2012 -Cleaning out My Closet. Not a Resolution, But a Promise All the Same

Well…it’s a new year…again.

And as usual, I must begin with apologizing for not posting anything for a while. Just had my first kid on December 16th and all the time leading up to it and all the time since, I’ve been trying to make money and do right, for the most part.

Well, you don’t wanna hear about the personal stuff. Here’s what’s gonna be happening around here for the O-12

I am cleaning out my closet. Yea, the whole thing if possible.

I have YEARS of unfinished projects hanging around. I’m talkin, lots…and lots of stuff. Poems, half-finished songs and lyrics, half-finished articles, file after file of ideas that I typed down, mad audio clips of half rhymes, ideas and thoughts; and so on and so on. There are notebooks, papers, and writing tablets FULL of more of the same.

I would like to spend all this year getting rid of that stuff, finishing the half-done projects no matter how I feel about them. If I feel it is hopeless, I’ll just get rid of em or release the ideas into the wild. I wanted to post most of what I do to this blog, but I figure that with so much stuff, I can put something here and something there. For instance, I started writing an article for a television show I watched. I was gonna post it here, but I didn’t like it. At the same time, I didn’t wanna just toss it neither, I spent time on it after all. So, I gave it up to an article site. I’ll probably write an article about content mills and article writing sites for those that may be interested, but I won’t post it here, it’ll be on another of my blogs.

But yes, 2012 is like my final hurrah. I figured 2012 is a good year to do this. It coincides with many other things that I hoped would happen for me this year (yup, been looking forward to 2012 since I was a teenager) – Hopefully, if all goes well, I’ll be starting up my creative juices again in 2013 (should civilization still be around🙂 a much better artist. What that means is, I will be trying hard not to start ANYTHING new this year. Gotta get this old shit outta here!

If you would like me to contribute any of this content to your projects, I’d be happy to do so. Verses, hooks, poetry whatever. I got words for ya! For ANY reason. And I love collaboration.

Anywho, that is all for now. I’m currently going through a folder with hundreds of .txt files in it, trying to make some sense of em and organize em…for YOU dammit, for you.

I also need to update the look of this site…desperately.

I’ll keep ya posted 🙂

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