On Love (Refrain)

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This poem is a refrain (so to speak) of “On Love

On Love (Refrain)

Oft-quoted poet
You can have those summer days

I cherish the darkness, the secrecy
Of a black-blue night

When you can see right through
Light’s absence

Eyes reflecting eyes
Reflecting eyes

To one who asked how
Could forever be in a glance

Gift-wrapped soul
Ribbons of silver and black

For you

Unlike harmonizing angels
And the basic nature of god itself

More like raucous
Sometimes annoying

Your laugh
I would not trade

For beads or lands
Never a part without the whole

Struggling to be deeper
Than ancient minds

Or blood diamond mines
Trying to express

What I already understand

Calling the essence
Of what makes me a man

Wrap and trap the universe
Into a locket

Gently clasped
By somewhat nervous hands

Around your neck
Noose of forever

Pardon platitude
We die

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