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What’s It All About?

Over the last several years,  I’ve been posting poetry here and there online. I figured that I needed to gather all this stuff up into one place. I had always toyed with the idea of getting everything I did online together and making my first book out of that.

Unfortunately, I was much too lazy to hunt it all down, let alone do any actual rewriting. Also, once you post poetry online, it’s pretty hard to sell. That’s because you already gave up first rights, which is what a lot of publishers buy.

I think I found it all and imported it into this blog. All poems that are apart of this series are marked with the Eternal Figments of Reality tag.

What About the Poetry?

I think some are really good and I won’t rewrite them any further. It must be remembered that ALL of these poems are old. A lot of them have gone through several different iterations already and are at the end of their rewrite life cycle. However, I’m the type of person that never considers anything “finished.”

These poems run the gamut of several different styles, but most are 1676[1]free verse. Some rhyme, some don’t. The subject matter ranges from women to relationships, from the metaphysical to the philosophical, from the personal to the political, and pretty much everything in-between. One recurring theme in my work then, and now, is the cyclical nature of all things. The inter-connectivity of everything in existence. These are ideas that scare me and at the same time fill me with wonder.

And the Title, Eternal Figments of Reality?

The title fits just what these works are. Well, maybe not the eternal part, but these are definitely my very own figments of reality. Little pieces of me and my life. I’m hoping to make them eternal by putting them together into a collection which I will give out for free.

Maybe I’ll do something where you can buy an actual book as well. But I plan on making these poems free and free to distribute and free to use as long as I am credited with at least a link. I mean the whole thing; make derivative works, make songs, do anything creative that one of these poems may inspire you to do, and let me know about it.

And Then What?

I HAVE to get this out of my system, or else I can’t move forward. I hate wasting work. I also want to do an accompanying audio format.  Some I will read straight out and some will just be tracks that are inspired by the poem itself. That’s the next step after the book.

As you may know, there is already audio attached to some of these poems, and maybe I will keep some as they are. I don’t have the time, money or resources to make anything really professional out of this project. But just as the words, the tracks will be free to download and use however you may want. Remix them, cut and chop them, make songs around them or just give them melodies, turn the words to lyrics, whatever.free_your_mind[1][1]

After Eternal Figments of Reality, I’m going to do the same thing with my old tracks, almost all rap, it’s called the DaEvolution. So look out for that too:)

Here’s some links to all of the one’s, so far, with audio. Keep in mind that some of these recordings were just sorta…done. Like I did em on my cell phone or what-have-you. Some I did on the microphone, so some will sound MUCH better than others. Don’t worry, I plan to do something about this when it comes time to record!

Poetry from Eternal Figments of Reality

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