Jamie Foxx Speaks on Plies and the State of the Rap Music Industry

Here’s a video (really just audio with a still image 😉 featuring Jamie Foxx and some his people speaking on an incident that happened during the video shoot of his and Plies‘ song, which I’m guessing was “Please Excuse My Hands” but I’m not sure. The news is old, from around October 09 I believe, but it was new to me…and it’s funny as hell. It’s from Jamie’s satellite radio show The Foxxhole.

I’m not a fan of Jamie Foxx the comedian, and I’m damn sure not a fan of Plies, but Jamie Foxx puts out some real talk about the state of the rap industry, fake gangstas, and a few other serious topics.

I’m posting this here for all you Plies fans out there. So listen for the funny, and stay tuned for the following talk.


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