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Where Do We Go aka 3Interpretations

Where Do We Go (Interpretations) by SilencioBarnes

Where Do We Go? Who knows. For more info about this song, including lyrics, the video, alternate downloads, the instrumental and the acappella – go to: http://silenciobarnes.com/music/where-do-we-go-3interpretations

Lyrics for “Where Do We Go (3Interpretations)”

I got love for every motherfucker born from the first
Until they try to kill my peace then they’ll be under the dirt
I’m one with the Earth, I kill time hating my birth
I write rhymes just to put my pain into the verse

Unharnessed aggression, trapped alive, livings my curse
Catch a vibe when another nigga’s thinking the worst
I get live when I think I’m under threat of the hearse
I pop the 9 at the air and hope the heavens’ll burst

I’m living in hell, don’t want to be living in jail
Calling up everyone I know try’na make bail
Balance the scales, I want dough, bigger than whales
Larger than four oceans, longer than rails

Why it seems like the whole world hoping I fail
I was raised from the dust, dirt under my nails
I won’t scream when I’m hurt nor when I’m kicking the pail
It might just be my time to die, no longer hungry for meals

Where do we go we don’t know
We live we die we high and we low
We hot we cold we rise then we fold
We grow but where we go we don’t know

Resurrected as a physical being
I’ve been molested mentally by things my eyes couldn’t see
I hardly believe that when I go my mind doesn’t breathe
If I believed in nothing then I wouldn’t hardly be me

Awake and I see what life’s like it swings in a breeze
Black and bitter, like strange fruit hanging from trees
But in my dreams I can see the infinite seas
In the nothing that’s between the thoughts that keep us diseased

I write the poetry that keeps me at ease
My genius is locked, I’m still out searching for the right fitting keys
Walking these streets guided by the whispers of leaves
Avoiding the beast hired by the powers that be

When I cease to sleep I am deceased
When I do rest between sets once again I am released
She didn’t cry, she said I’m finally free
She touched my hand gave a shudder then she died under hospital sheets

Where do we go we don’t know
We live we die we high and we low
We hot we cold we rise then we fold
We grow but where we go we don’t know

Nerve to skin, death within, that’s the eternal track
The seeds grow not knowing of the wisdom they lack
Cause they fail to learn the lessons from past, Or lessons of Math
So they never know to pick a new path

Soul in stale growth what’s keeping you back
In the hood its sneakers and crack not discussing beef with Iraq
It’s not an attack, it’s the circle keeping intact
It’s commercial now they dying over reefer and raps

But these are the facts, little niggas beefing with gats
Grown men beefing with MAC’s, knives, hands, even with bats
It’s all illusion, please peek through the cracks
Beyond the streetlights police and the traps, I feel trapped

The old hens on the block still pecking for scratch
Everybody needs to just smoke some weed and relax
Spread my surface thin, absorb the sunlight, I bask
I walk with my neck out prepared for the axe

Check the scene, deferred dreams change to undeterred fiends
That light pipes, inhale death, exhale life and blow dreams
So they flee to be pleased, trying to find what it means
But the answer to that question still remains to be seen

Where do we go we don’t know
We live we die we high and we low
We hot we cold we rise then we fold
We grow but where we go we don’t know

About the Song “Where Do We Go”

The song “Where Do We Go” was the result of me trying to find something to do with a bunch of old rhymes. I found three that seemed to say the same sort of thing but in different ways, hence the sub-title “3Interpretations”. It sounds like I’m asking the question, “Where do we go when we die?” and I am asking that. But this song is also about life in general. How it’s lived and how it’s viewed through the eyes of someone(s) that think a bit differently than you do.

The first verse was a really, really old verse I started writing as a late teen. The second verse was somewhat newer at the time. The third verse was ancient, dating back to early high school. I rewrote it all, but kept a lot of the same phrases and rhymes.

I made the beat in FLStudio and did not design it to go with any lyrics. I came up with the chorus before I thought to seek out the old rhymes mentioned above. I wanted somebody to sing or just do stuff in a sing-song voice in the background, but didn’t have anybody to do it…so…well…that’s me you hear making those noises in the background of the chorus.

This song was recorded in the room I call my “office”…so don’t expect studio quality here. This song was originally apart of DaEvolution Mixtape ep.

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