Reflections aka Mirrors Redux

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Reflections aka Mirrors Redux

(a re-imagining of Mirrors)

Fortune told like mirrors reflect
Life in continuance
Stuck in perpetual innocence
Without the benefits

Waters that flow
A rapid repetitiveness
Sea of life dying
From lack of intelligence

Drinking to sate
But that thirst he will never quench
As man drains the Gaia fountain
While searching for better gifts

Fortune like mirrors
Disguises benevolence
Or reveals his malevolence
True image is reticent

For the truth is three sided
Translucent and elegant
An illusion disguised
As a proof that’s Heaven sent

But the truth of the truth
Is that truth is irrelevant
A sickness man made
Who holds then the medicine

Connections like joints
Ties that bind us to all
Hidden strings pulled by hands
That the eye can’t behold

Hidden waves hidden ways
That you or I cannot control
Hidden grave called the flesh
Where laid to rest are our souls

For we can do nothing
But what we are told
So we swim and we drown
Or we drive and we fold

Or we fire reload
Our desire we grow
Or we falter and wither
Like a rose in the cold

Like deer in the headlights
Water to snow
Back to water then vapour
Then where do we go

Mirrors reflect
What our fortunes unfold
Or vice versa
We search for a reason to know

Of creation life’s sea
Cup the waters and drink it
What would you give up
For eternal damnation

Asked he who had
Taken for his occupation
The taking of lives
For no compensation

With soft susurrations
Seduced by the nascent
Designs of mankind
As a people or nation

This means they make vows
And pledges of sanction
Thus seeing false freedoms
Our eyes become vacant

We are as children
Still stumbling and naked
Our guardians party
While we get neglected

Fortune reflects
But the image mistaken
For mirrors show truths
Like a falsified statement

We are ephemeral
Skin deep epidermal
Made up of stars
Therefore we are eternal

Knowing all this
We still search for a kernel
Of wisdom of knowledge
We travel in circles

Fortune reflected
By mirrors of truth
Obtuse is the mind
Of those that accuse

Acute the design
Redefined in its prime
By presidents dead
Or by innocents dying

By spooks in the skies
By truth in the eyes
Of a child as he hears
How those truths turn to lies

Catch the wave baby
Bring truth to fight
So our troops then can see
How those truths are denied

Catch the wave baby
Go fishing in thought
Remembrance so deep
That past lives may get caught

Fortunes and mirrors
Reflect from far off
As the image gets closer
The meanings get lost

In winter we die
In the spring rose the corpse
Summer heat passion brings
Autumn preludes the frost

Caress wind and rain
And be unto yourself
A season and reason
Our freedoms need help

Mirrors and fortunes
And all is distortion
And all is in flux
So deception in motion

Its mental contortion
Their simple extortions
Trade life for illusion
A whole for a portion

Revenge is best served
Like meals to a coffin
Who eats when the corpse
Is feeding the corpses

Revenge is best served
When it’s chilled and it’s cold
Large bodies of ice
Moving shaping the world

Oyster the earth
Pressure I am the pearl
Coal turned diamond in rough
From concrete roses unfurled

Like straightening fetus
Escape from the curl
Escape from the body
The rigmarole

Like monkey to man
We escaped from the fold
Like the sifting of sands
We filtered our souls

Look to your hand
And see fortunes get told
Keep to the plan
And don’t fear the unknown

If a god is the writer
Then we are its poem
The world is its novel
Just one of it’s tomes

The title the volume
We struggle to know
We die in the effort
We stuttered our growth

Like the basic human reflex
To detect change and correct
All that is not themselves
So we just fake the effect

Arrogance like two dots
And one line can create
The human face without flesh
One circle contains and connects

Fortune told like mirrors reflect
Life in continuance
Stuck in perpetual innocence
Without the benefits


Look to the flower
For it is a living metaphor
For all things

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