The Response 2: Spirit of Light Heart of Dark

Spirit of Light Heart of Dark

Serenity obtained through reflection
Obscenities sustained by correction
Phallic imagery, erection

That means I stand up
To my enemies and questions
Battles may be fought
But the winner learns a lesson

The loser learns nothing but
To get a better weapon
So prepare for the double edge
Beware this insurrection

My challenger and friendly foe
You offer roses when the sword creates a better flow
Just to let you know

Here’s a cynics quote
“We are here for nothing”
Life just won’t let us go
Hope you understand

The light has darkened
Gray clouds won’t let it in
That’s where I’ve been hiding
In this darkness
Caused by things called man

If you’ve been blinded then
I’ll pull back your lids

Now see what comes
With open eyes
That you may better plan

Such a tragic end

Just to make sure that
In this end you comprehend

Just because I can

I bleed the body wrap it twice
With flows that sting like desert winds
Unfold the soul with steady hands

My daughter
You may breathe again

Resurrection, that in death
You came to finally understand
– You cannot grow roses
They’re like hopes
They die in bitter sands

Glacier heart, I come with heat
Skoll and Hati chasing me
That is why they do not cross
Wolves like gods force them to flee

Thorns may prick but still I pick
Blood may drip but still I sit
Entwining blossoms in the thick-
Ness of her hair, she thinks me sick

Because the blood
Keeps mixing in
The moons harsh cycle
Causing it
We bleed in monthly increments
The rose that wilts
Will come again

Scalpel please
Incision made
I lay the rose
To rest in grave
I raise the sword
And clean the blade
I turn to go
She said to stay
I ask her why
She almost sang

“How quickly
Can you learn to love
And freely give it just the same?”

I’ve learned and given
I freely admit
That I’ve burned some bridges
And hurt some women

But when it’s all said and done
You learn by living
And then one day you die
That promise is a given

So what does that leave
Survive and be heartless
Sort of like the monsters and mobstas
Love turns intentions to carcass
Death and emotion like partners
They drown you in oceans of nonsense
So stay conscious, embrace hardness

The true spirit of light
Is a utter heart of darkness

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