A Need To Fall In Love


A Need to Fall in Love

And she looked at me
Right into these two browns

And Said Child,
You need to fall in love


I’ve started love
I’ve finished love
I’ve learned how words
Can diminish love

I’ve followed roads
To the ends of love
To make a long story short
I’ve been in love

I was in love
I’m still in love
This diamond ring on my pinky
Used to be on her

I wasn’t birthed by love
I was cursed by love

I know that look in her eyes
When I hurt my love
After the promise to her
That I’d never hurt my love

I’ve been blessed by love
I’ve been vexed by love
I’ve been asked those tricky questions
Made to test my love

I know the wistful thoughts
Of unrequited love
I’m ill equipped for love
I’ve gotten sick of love


I’ve searched for
Found one
And lost me a real love

If love is the fountain
I thirst to be filled up



I have had a whole half of me
Forcefully ripped the fuck off
Left bleeding and hurt and broken
Down down down into devastation

But I did not cry


The tears came later
With a phone call

After my verbal prostration
I was told of the new
Improved me
Was politely informed
That it would probably
Be for the best

If we were to never speak again

She hung up
Next day
Changed her number

I have been removed
Replaced by love

I have been in love
With the idea
Of being in love

I have been
And still am
Loved by those
Who accept
The non-

They find
Our bonds
Are breaking

When they tell me
They love me
And look
In my eyes
And see that I
Will not
Give them
The lie


I am not your final destination

Because I know

I know the joys
The fulfillments of love
I know the poets love
The singers love
I know platonic love
A swinger’s love
I’ve had childish loves
I often dream of love
I have spilled out my soul
To redeem a love

I’ve often been told
There’s no such thing as love

And for a while
I believed


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