Fuck Yo Feelings

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The desire to want another person to hurt is wrong, and yet, it’s sometimes hard to fight it.

I want to moonwalk all over your feelings. Then grab my crotch, do a spin, and walk away from you.

Posted by Silencio Barnes on Tuesday, October 27, 2015


But really, sometimes you do want to hurt people. Maybe you don’t want to do it physically, but you certainly want them to know pain. This is especially true if you feel that other person has hurt you in the same way.

This is an unhealthy desire. It’s best to avoid it. Move on, or try to work through it some other way. Don’t give in to negativity. You can’t fight negativity with negativity. The outcome of such conflicts are never good for anybody involved.


Still…it’s okay to express your feelings. If you’re feeling like fuck that other person’s feelings, then go on and say it. Got it out of your system? Good. Now let’s move forward.


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