All Purpose Blogging – Should it Be Done?

In all honesty, I find it hard to reconcile my different thoughts. For instance, I thought of blogging about why I find it necessary to constantly defend Obama even though I don’t care too much for him or any high-ranking politician for that matter. At the same time, I conceived of a post about different types of pussy and why I would prefer one type to another. Simultaneously, I find myself wanting to talk about a particular anime series. Maybe that gives you a little insight into my mind as well as why I hesitate to blog at all. I mean, is a person even allowed to put so many types of things into a single blog?

An SEO expert would probably tell me that it’s blog suicide to veer so much from having only one focus or core topic. It’s a problem I have always dealt with in one way or another. I think the problem is that I fear alienating any one group of people. Now, personally, there’s much I don’t give a fuck about. But I do give a fuck about the people who give a fuck about what I have to say. Unfortunately, since I talk in so many different voices, I attract different types of people. The folks that come through because they want to read more of my poetry may be turned off by my dubious attempts at music. Those that may have read something poignant or uplifting on my Twitter feed may be a little turned off when they get a whiff of my political views or see just how vulgar my language can get.

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I probably shouldn’t care. At the same time, I hate to turn anybody away. One reason I enjoy the WordPress blogging platform is because it uses categories and each category can have its own feed. That way the poetry readers can see just the poetry and the people who enjoy my random thoughts can read just those. However, that does not always work. It all depends on how people find my site.

I don’t want to talk about my writing efforts on one page and expound on why niggas who sell crack need to either expand or stop hustling on another. After all, it’s all me. In fact, when I got my domain, my first thought was that I could finally just let it all out in one place.

Where do I put my children’s poetry? Is it right that I have stuff suitable for kids located right next to where I talk about the virtues of prostitution? Probably not. I am dynamic, and some of my stuff is for one group and not another. So where does that leave me? Should I say fuck it and just put it all out there on this one site? I don’t want a bunch of separate blogs, websites and pseudonyms – that way madness lies.

I have noticed that a certain level of celebrity allows you to ignore aspects of this conundrum. It seems that once you already have a following, it doesn’t matter as much. Besides all that, I figure that as a writer for hire, I should also be able to show that I can write about any topic (which I can!).

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