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  1. Taurean Isaiah Ware
    Taurean Isaiah Ware November 11, 2012 at 10:26 pm | | Reply

    Will check out the site in detail when I have more time. Seems cool

  2. Balancing My Essence - Rap Music - SilencioBarnes

    […] This retro track is really a mashup of two different little freestyles of mines. I broke em up and changed/rewrote […]

  3. Where Do We Go - Rap Music - SilencioBarnes

    […] “Where Do We Go” was the result of me trying to find something to do with a bunch of old rhymes. I found three that seemed to say the same sort of thing but in different ways, hence the sub-title […]

  4. Vagrant Story - Rap Music - SilencioBarnes

    […] another old retro track. Vagrant Story is yet another song about the hood…more or less As far as any of my rap music […]

  5. SB Retro: Spit Bombs - Rap Music - SilencioBarnes

    […] SB Retro: New Old Music by SilencioBarnes […]

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