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After watching the first season of this whimsical animated cartoon, I immediately went on to watch the second season. I was curious if the creators would up the ante in the show and expand on the story lines in a more epic way. Amazingly…they do.

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Adventure Time Season Two, and Beyond – Even More Action and Adventure

While the show still manages to give you little 10 or so minute adventures, the first season ended with an actual storyline that lasted two episodes…and it was awesome!

One thing I noted in my first review is the sheer amount of cohesion. As random as this show seems, there is an incredible amount of internal consistency. That in itself is an almost genius accomplishment, so hats off to the creators. Pay attention, because even though the story arcs do not work how I want them to, many things recur. In fact, things hinted at in the first season show up in the second season more realized. For instance, season one mentions an old hero that once defeated the Lich King. Season two features a full on brawl between Finn and the Lich King who returns, and the outcome carries consequences that stretch into the next season.

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I found out after the fact that one of the episodes from the first season received an Emmy nomination, and so was an episode from this season. When I wrote my review of Season 1, I had not read anybody else’s reviews of the show. I probably should have, because there are many things worth noting about this show.

It seems that many people either love or hate this show. For those of you that hate it, there is not much that can be said to defend it. However, on IMBD I came across something that really summed up what this show is about:

“It resembles a child’s train of thought while playing.” – That’s a ridiculously spot on assessment of this show. It also brings up that this is indeed a children’s program…I did not realize that. Although it is suitable for children, there are some very adult jokes that come up. I figured it was just another one of those quirky Cartoon Network shows, which I suppose it is.

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In the end, there’s not much more that I can say about this series that I didn’t say in the review of Season 1. I will definitely watch Season 3 but I probably won’t be writing about it. If this review and the previous one can’t convince you to try Adventure Time, then talking more about it won’t help neither. But to sum it up, Adventure Time is a fun, quirky, genre-savvy action-adventure show. It is super creative; the voice acting is excellent and done by professionals. It combines elements of fantasy, including RPG-like quests with a dose of science fiction and a lot of humor. On many occasions, it has literally made me laugh out loud.

Give it a try for a few episodes. You can find more information, clips and even some full episodes online:

Adventure Time on Amazon

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