Mixing and Mastering My Sound

The sound of my recordings have been a major problem for me for a while. I record my audio in my room, not a studio. I try to mix it to the best of my abilities, which are, admittedly, non-existent in this area. I suffer from a deaf ear to musical nuance as well as a lack of proper equipment, such as a good set of monitors. Any engineers
out there in need of a friend?

I have some monitor headphones, but the stuff you hear in the cans don’t sound anything like they do in the car or on the stereo. What I really need is an okay pair of studio monitors…or a damn studio :)) but neither of those things are in the budget at the moment.

Case in point: I took two of the tracks that I recently blogged about – GunSpeak and WhereDoWeGo – and burned them to a disc to play on my way to work today. Both tracks sounded extremely hollow when I turned them up in the car, which upset me no end.

These problems I have with the sound are due to my inability to properly mix and my complete lack of any sort of mastering on my tracks. There are many services available to do both of these things on a per track/album basis no matter if it was recorded in a studio or not. However, at this point in time, I can’t justify the costs (since I don’t have an actual product to sell) nor can I even afford the costs.

This is a big reason why I don’t like to share a lot of tracks. It’s also one of the reasons that I get highly frustrated with a lot of the music I work on, causing me not to finish as I just can’t get the sound right…or even close to right :)) But I guess I have to just say fuck it and keep moving forward. That’s the motto for the O-10 folks 🙂

I guess I said all that to say this: sorry for the sub-par audio quality. I try 🙂 I’m going to try to upgrade over the course of this year.

And as always, I’m open to suggestions and advice. Leave a comment.


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