Being Attractive

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Being Attractive

Like the flower at night
Underneath moon
Shining its own ethereal glow

Like the waves pushing
Unseen currents to break
The beach of my thought

Like the sun’s brilliance
Eternity begotten on the breath
Of a single word

Divine symmetrical beauty
Genes transcending time
Just to outline your shape
In those jeans

You are attractive

Like the thought of death
When all is lost and hope
Is but a feather, floating
Through a void of nothingness

You are the strength to grab it
And with it, the strength to fly

You are the book
My feelings authored and defined
by You

The dawn and the thunder
The shadow and the wave
The silence and the darkness
The black the white the gray

The tree’s age rings uncounted
The thought of pleasant change
The rare delight, the compass
The pleasure and the pain

The written word that sings
You are all those things


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