Pachelbel: Canon in D

Pachelbel: Canon in D

Like waves washing over sensitive skin
It is but the touch of her hand

She probes in places
Used to gentle handling

Lightly kisses others
Flowing steadily downwards

Eyes blood and lips
One moans

The other sighs
I cannot tell which

She is the living
Breathing aphrodisiac

Forever arousing

As she penetrates
In only the way

A woman can


Thighs wrapped
Around thighs

Silent participants
Keeping pleasure inside

Heavy the breathing
Shared between

Lips that press
Grabbing hips

To hold on
During rides

A matter of safety
It comes forward

An uncontrollable flood
Washing her

That eternal race
Taking place

On red rimmed tracks
Gently pulling

Her off and onto
Her backside

Feeling her out
Using a natural utensil

A taste that only
A woman can give

He drowns

Comes up from waves
Gasping for breath

They each take their souls back
Transferred through their lips

And sleep
The dream at its end


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