Update 05/16/2012 Music and Poetry: the Current Status of SilencioBarnes

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Hip Hop / Spoken Word / Experimental
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Before we get into it, I just wanna say: Hey people! How the hell have ya been?? What’s good with ya? How’s life? Feel free to holla at me:)We are going to break this down into three sections. First music, then poetry. Some of you signed up for one or the other, but not both – the third section is miscellaneous stuff. Lots of text, so if you hate seeing big blocks of words…feel free to just click the links.


Music – https://silenciobarnes.net/music

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No new stuff…sorry. For a while, I didn’t even have the willpower to record anything new. Once I did get the willpower to do it, my equipment stopped working. However, just today, I was able to record a test track so maybe I will be able to get some new music done soon. I will upload the test track in a day or so for you to listen to.

I plan to complete two projects. One is SB Retro, which consists of old unfinished tracks from a thousand years ago. The other is the Practice Words mixtape which will be all of the songs I did using Big B beats. You already heard most of them; I just have to put them together in one collection.

I also want to start making beats again. There’s only so much you can do using beats that you do not own the rights to. I can’t afford to be paying dudes for commercial use of their beats. So I guess I gotta try my hand at making my own. Either that or finding creative commons beats that allow commercial usage.

I am still down to collaborate, rhyme on anybody’s beat or whatever. I really want to do some more experimental type music.

Notice the last new song I posted on my blog was Empty Hallways…in September of last year!


Poetry – https://silenciobarnes.net/poetry

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Not much to report on the poetry front neither. The last three poetry posts on my blog were two involving iambic heptameter and one about some of my short twitter poems. Check em out. There’s audio and video on the first one.




I was supposed to have my second chapbook of poetry available way before now as well, but the project stagnated. The original plan was to make three chapbooks and then combine them into one book. I’m thinking I may skip straight to the single volume. Any thoughts?

On a similar note, my first chapbook, Sentiments of the Cerebral, is available on Amazon for Kindle and e-reader devices. Check it out.


Other Stuff – https://silenciobarnes.net/

I’m trying to think of things I need to add to my site. Any feedback is very welcome. I know I need a dedicated “downloads” page. But what else?

I’m also working on an urban fantasy novel. You know, with magic, vampires, and crazy shit like that. But that’s outside the scope of this email 🙂 Check my site for more details on that.

I also noticed that I can no longer send these types of updates to Facebook. They turned off that service. So from here on out, I will post these newsletter type emails straight to my blog as posts after I send em out to my subscribers. I’ll also post the whole thing straight into my fan page as a post. It doesn’t reach as many people that way though 🙁

Ah well. That’s all for today. I’d like to make these updates more often, but of course, that means I need to be doing more stuff to justify em 🙂 I want to hear from you fine people more often though. Help me help you!


“WORDS ON POETS: SILENCIO BARNES In the tradition of slam poetry, Silencio Barnes really delivers to the audience. His self published chapbook is titled “Sentiments of the Cerebral”, it exposes a lot of truth and depth. This chapbook is no waste of ink and is a must for your collection of Lehigh Valley Poets. Silencio is a much anticipated and popular featured poet at West Side Poetry at the Hava Java Café. In the mid-spring he will be featured in the touring project, “Wednesday In Motion”. For copies of his work, contact him or Word Wednesday.”  Yodi, wordwednesdays.blogspot.com

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