What is Freedom and Why Don’t We Have it?

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What exactly is freedom? The United States has always been a country where both the word and the idea have been a little…malleable. But even if you don’t know fully what it means or is, you damn sure know that what little of it you have is slowly slipping away from you. But is the greater good a good excuse?

The Problem With the Idea of Freedom in the U.S.

The problem with freedom – the idea of freedom – is that no one wants it. That is to say, no one wants to put in the work necessary to achieve it. The sort of concerted effort needed may be currently beyond our reach. We don’t even really know what freedom means. Maybe we never actually did in this country. Keep in mind that I’m speaking almost exclusively about the United States.

We as a people have grown quite selfish, extravagantly lazy, and extremely stupid. The stupidity is even odder considering just how much real information is available quite literally at our fingertips these days.

Everyone has become complacent. We feel right at home with having our individual freedoms stripped from us one by one. The “powers-that-be” take away from us, tells us it’s for our own safety, and we follow like sheep. Sometimes they take away from us and don’t tell us shit…and we follow like sheep.

We are not even aware of the things going on around us. For some reason, we cannot perceive the powers that struggle back and forth over who gets to control the flock.

I say “we”, because although there are those that would fight it, object to it or even do something about it – the majority are okay with it. And we are all a part of the majority. Perhaps “okay” isn’t the best word in this case. People just seem to exist under a hell of a lot of brain/white washing and simply cannot see beyond anything that does not involve themselves or getting to that nine-to-five on time.

Each One Teach One

In a truly free system, everyone would be able to do what they want. I am not preaching anarchy, I am speaking on a system where people do what is best for all. There are names for such systems, but it’s best not to mention them in this country.

It’s not what you think though. Consider if people did what’s in their power to do, by doing the things they truly want to do. For instance, some people truly want to heal. Some people truly want to develop new technologies and practice different forms of science etc. I say let them. Let them learn their craft from like-minded individuals.

Some people like to crunch numbers or fill in blank forms. Some people like to draw and paint and create. Everyone should be free to do and pursue that which makes them happy and fulfilled. If more people did what they wanted instead of doing menial shit just to survive, I guarantee the overall happiness factor in this country would rise exponentially.

Don’t worry, the economy would still grind along, there would just be a shift in the way things worked. We would all benefit.

All people should have a real vote. All people should be educated. All people should be able to make an informed decision about the practices and policies that work best for not only them, but their communities as well. That’s freedom.

If each person contributed something of themselves then everybody would be good. Wealth would be shared and We the People would be able to move forward together instead of separately.

Isn’t it odd that true freedom comes with the idea of shackling all of our fates together instead of this crazy, obsessive, and in some cases, obscene individualism that we practice now?

What Does Freedom Mean Today?

Think about the things that we bitch, moan and politic about. Things like gay marriage or gun ownership. If we were as free as we think we are, these would be non-issues.

The people who want guns would get them and the people who do not, would not. The same-sex couples would get married if they wanted to. Free people making their own decisions.

Instead of freedom, we have constant bickering, legislation, infighting, and even foul deeds done in the name of whatever thing is being argued over at the time. That’s not freedom. That’s just a way for those that control us, the ones who are truly free, to keep us from focusing on how much so-called freedom we do not actually have.

Think about it.

What does freedom mean to you?

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  1. Nice blog, man.
    Freedom is a tricky business. It is not always possible to have complete freedom, particularly when one person’s freedom may subjugate or impede another’s. For many people, it’s not enough to have it their way, they also want *you* to have it their way, too. It seems like that is what many people believe freedom is these days, the right to impose your standard upon others.

    Certainly, most western religion has been very much anti-freedom throughout recorded history. Their entire message is centered on what you cannot do, cannot be. Then they turn around and try to suggest that we were all endowed by the creator with free will – except that not really because any deviation from the so-called riteous path  spells an eternity of damnation; so really we’re free to make the right choice or else…

    Then there is the cadre of people who yearn for freedom from something. Maybe a dictator, maybe a lifestyle or economic reality. Sometimes it is obtainable – the Libyans appear to be truely free from Gaddafi’s influence. Other times it is fantasy – I will never be free of the basic laws of physics, relativity and conseqence. Those things are what make our reality hold together.

    I think real freedom is more than most people can handle. It is shapeless and without imperatives or bias, and that makes a lot of folks uncomfortable as hell. 

    Great topic!


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