The Speech

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The Speech

I’m tired in an empty seat
It’s full of me, but I’m dozing off
So I can’t see

I’d rather sleep
Instead of hearing
What you got to say

I wanna leave
Give me room
Let a person breathe

I’m suffering

Suffocating on the
Empty words

Distracted daze
Got me in a cage
Of passive verbs

Let me out
Let me live free
And be me

Let me eat
Let me practice
What I never preach

Let me breathe

Let me see what
I wanna see

Let me swim
Let me fly
Let my prescience seep
Into the sky

Let my roots
Sink forever deep

Let me drink
Let me die
A forever sleep

It get’s me high

When they talk about
What they don’t know

About my chance
About my fate
About where I can go

I wanna laugh
Wanna cry
Wanna cut the throat

Of the Man
This is how it goes

Let me live

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