Intoxicated I

Intoxicated I

Let me drink and speak my thoughts before I die and all is lost let me imbibe and speak of course the truth that lies beneath the corpse of ties that bind now loose I cut the noose that tied us to the cross I ride the wave that follows corks and smoke the haze that alters course now captain I to land on boats of hemp on seas of sweetest rum needed most in day or night the bottle broke I never cried cause liquor lost is liquor found by those that died and need to drown the woes of death beneath the sound of liquid flowing through their mouths poor spirits lost and can’t be found for thirst bonds phantoms to the ground and I will gladly join that crowd once I partake and write this down no suicide I speak of minds that travel once that juice collides with liver blood and alters time till theoretics recombine I mean the eye can see through skies and paint the thoughts of all mankind upon the moon that hovers by that god may see we are sublime we are divine just tip the bottle and then recline and sail with I and sail with I and sail with I and sail with I


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