Missing You

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Missing You

I miss that look that was always on your face
Right before you hopped in the ride
The curves of your shape, my grip on your waist
The way you was moving them thighs

I miss your smile, the way you played
Those games you played with my time
How you told me no, but really meant yes
And always changing your mind

I miss those nights just sitting back
Talking this, not speaking that
But thinking back, I really miss
Those time when we were just relaxed

I miss you more than I miss my youth
Would kiss you all and release in you
Everything I have just to join our roots
So we can born and conceive a truce
That includes us both strictly me and you

I miss that walk, and I miss that smile
And I miss that ass it would drive me wild
And I miss your kiss your touch your lips
And I miss your moan how you turn and twist
And I miss you running to escape the dick
And I miss those hips, I really miss you miss

And you know what I miss most of all
The way you would go down and show me love
Moving your head in time with us
And I love you for that, way more than you know

Because in that one single act you have gained all my trust
You have shown me your like can be tempered by lust
You have shown me that you could pleasure us both
Just by pleasuring me and that’s pleasure itself

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