The HisStory of He

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The HisStory of He

His money bleeds through frozen funds
His woman breathes through blackened lungs
His son he feeds through paltry sums
His rent is due hot water’s gone

He tried to do what’s right, was wronged
He tried to be polite, was scorned
He tried with all his might, lost all
He died a death that night, reborn

He devised a plan that involved a mark
He divides the crime by the time involved
He refines details as the day gets dark
He confides in none, he redefines resolve

He contemplates what he has never done
He starts to shake when the moment comes
He decides that fate at this moment’s gone
He closed his eyes, his demeanor numbs

He held his breath as he held the gun
His conscious left, his heartbeat drummed
…but then he thought about his son
He felt ashamed, and he turned to run

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