Pon the Page


Pon the Page

In the air it floats
A whisper of a hope
But it screams in my ear
As if the river forms its throat

Splashing through my thought
I echo what it taught
From my mouth is birthed
The verse of all that’s written
I am caught

Trapped amidst the lines
Locked behind the words
Yet flying free the word and me
As distant as the birds

That mock me with their songs
Of freedom since long gone
Of dancing pon the ocean floor
With tides that float along

And ties that bind my work
And ridicule my worth
Pon the page is laid a testament
That spells my written curse

I die of thirst that must be quenched
The audience my crutch
I lean upon the open rift
And fall through ink stained touch

ver 1.00

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