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Red maple tree in shape of a heart - unrequited silencio barnes


Stars shine in the abstract
Darkness where thoughts whisper

Where secret wishes
Meet and become one

My coat on your back
Winter sings in our ears

Wind bites, chills
From your fingernails

Not that spine shiver cliché
Even still, my heart sings

You listen to my melody
Your eyes attentive

Street lamps bare me
Those omnipresent stars uncover me

Lamps, eyes and stars
Thoughts and whispers and pain

Pleasure as well
Sadistic masochistic

You slowly biting
Claiming me for yourself

With teeth marks
Imprinted upon dark flesh

Are you the wind then
To bite me so…

You spin intensity like
Web between two fading street lamps

Telling me the
Things that you have seen

In that moment, our lips touch
Yet we never kiss

Even now
I hate you for it

That you love me in return

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