Pickup Lines

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Pickup Lines

My thoughts have been murdered, killed by your eyes
Flame of lust kindled when I saw you walking by
I want to learn your name, and the depths of your mind
A crime if you’re kept, leave your ring where it hides

You make me feel alive in a way undenied
Flower of a woman, I the beach you the tide
Cause you splash against my thought and break me down against your grind
We can go places and the limit ain’t the sky

We can go beyond into the limitless divide
Just say the word and I’ll take you for the ride
You ever seen beauty that just made you want to cry
I mean what I say this is not a pick up line

I won’t accept rejection, I won’t accept a lie
I won’t accept less than a minute of your time
You won’t regret, just relax, tune into this vibe
Don’t want to be your owner but I want to make you mines

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