For I am not scared he said
To the man in black
Fearing the dark rebuttal

Flew the lie upon wings

Of sanity’s dieing light
It hangs in dark skies
Cloudy his thoughts and eyes dark

Misted the rivers

For who dares cross that liquid
Body without tears
Gold coin pressed beneath their tongues

Odyssey’s payment…

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River of Tears

I also used this poem, Styx, as part of an intro to a song from an unfinished album, Stark Silence – the song is called River of Tears, you can hear it below:

River of Tears (Intro) by SilencioBarnes

Starks (@starks-official)gave me this short beat…so I used it for the intro…of course, I didn’t know River of Tears would be an intro until today…when I recorded it 😛


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